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DocketTrak® Story

DocketTrak® has been in use since 2005, originally built as a private label docketing system for a Washington D.C. based law firm. In 2012 we released a public version on a subscription basis. Since 2012, firms and companies in the US and around the world finally have an easy to use IP docketing system that is both professional and inexpensive.

Decision Design Corporation

DocketTrak® was built by Decision Design Corporation, a custom software products company that has been building software products for our clients and customers for the past 27 years.

Decision Design was founded in 1995 to provide custom software development services in the areas of New Product Development, Software Systems and Remediation Services. Our unique approach to building software has enabled our clients to automate new business processes for better efficiency, release high-quality new products to market and rescue under-performing applications.

We are expert in .NET, PHP and J2EE application environments, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL database environments, web-based and client-server architecture, C++, C#, VB and Java programming languages and iOS and Android mobile platforms.

We have built applications that are used by as many as 20,000 users and applications used by just a few. We have offices near Chicago and San Francisco, with no development being used offshore.

Decision Design is a pioneer leader in Remediation Services, that is, rescuing incomplete or under-performing software. In today's software industry, many software applications do not work the way they were envisioned. Using our proven Remediation Methodology, we can change that and recoup your original investment.

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Recent Corporate Clients

  • Deluxe Film Labs
  • American Bar Association
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Unilever
  • Alberto Culver
  • Sanofi Aventis
  • TRW Automotive
  • Brady Corporation
  • Walt Disney Company
  • American Speech Language and Hearing Assoc.
  • Calix Networks
  • Bradley Corporation


Decision Design specializes in Software Remediation. We can diagnose and correct incomplete or underperforming software systems.

Our experts can examine other vendors' source code and can apply our remediation methodology to resolve even the most difficult situation.

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If you would like more information or would like a demo, just let us know.

Or call us at 847-607-1959